Monday, August 3, 2009

Taman Negara.

I went to Taman Negara last Friday.
I dunno what possesed me to sign up for it but i have no regrets.
It was an experience of a lifetime.
Anyways, we left school at around 8.30 on Friday
and we stopped halfway at some petrol station to have breakfast.
I ate nasi lemak and it only cost me 3 ringgit.
We then continued our journey to Pahang and it took us around 3 hours alltogether.
Next was lunch and Ning, Han Jun and i at at this internet cafe place.
Then Casper, Eunice, Eric, Shen deng(??) came and joined us.
The food was allright.
I ate Tom Yam mee. ;)
AFter lunch, We got our luggage and went onto a boat that took us to Taman Negara.
IT was a 3 hour boat ride.
I was kinda lonering in the boat but Jia Shern sat next to me so it wasn't so bad.
He offered me one side of his ipod earpice thingy too. ;)
Yeah, so after a long gruesome ride, we finally reached Nusa Holiday Village and i have to say the accomodation kinda blows.
But i made do.
Anyways, I shared a room with 9 other people and a common bathroom that had 3 cubicles with 17 other people.
Oh, and the water was freaking cold.
It felt like i was showering with iced water!!
And the cubicle had no place to hang your clothes
And the whole bathroom only had ONE LIGHT.
The room also only had one light, but that was tolerable.
Sharing a room with 9 other people can be really fun.
We all slept on double decker beds and any slight movement made would prolly send the bed crashing down.
Well, we had dinner after that followed by our first activity in Taman Negara!!
Night Jungle walk!
Super fun.
We each had A torchlight cuz it was like pitch black.
The guide took us up and we saw like really cool insects and stuff.
There were male stick insects, female stick insects, mating stick insects, ginormous spiders, wasps , some weird looking insect and loads of other stuff.
I would post pics but i don't have a camera so i'll steal them from the others and post them up later.
We didn't go very far cuz of safety purposes. yeah we all wanted more, but too bad. :(
We didn't even get to see snakes!

Second day.
The first activity we did was to hike Bukit Warisan.
That was literally torture.
But it's a good kind of torture.
I started off fine but halfway through i wanted to drop dead.
I was so close to giving up.
It was the most tiring thing I had ever done. EVER.
But i met new friends, and they were really really nice.
They stayed back and helped me out. :)
Thay helped pull me up at really steep areas and they were really funny.
They started singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus and the lyrics were seriously appropiate.
That and a few other songs too.
So towards the peak we had to cross the mega steep area which then lead to a whole bunch of rocks.
That was scary.
If i had slipped i'd prolly be dead. -__-'
And yeah, the moment we all reached the peak......HANDPHONES.
Haha seriously, the first thing we all did was check for reception cuz the place we stayed in didn't have any.
So yeah there was reception and we all made calls to our parents.
Then we made our way down.
That was even scarier.
We were literally moving at snail pace.

I'm like seriously lazy to continue so i'm just gpnna sum it all up.
We basically went for the canopy walk after that and rapid shooting later on.
Best experience to date.
There was a vine there too so everyone was tarzan-ing.
The following day we all reached school around 5.15 ALIVE.
So yeah, that's basically it.

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