Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy busy busy

So i've been so busy lately, I haven't had time to do anything.
Class test 2 is coming up and i'm far from prepared!
Sigh. Whatever. i'll figure somethin out.
Neways, we have a new student in our class; Samantha.
So hello to u!
This past weekend i was obsesed with this song: 20 dollar nosebleed. awesome song! AMAZING!
And i just found out today u can get songs from you tube and put them in ya ipod!!. I know i;m a bit slow but who cares...
need to go so sayonara folks
Will blog again probably in another two weeks, maybe sooner, don't know.
Once again, buhbye!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Lyn!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hey Funks,
When is IU day and am i even going?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Aussie :)

S i've been here for5 about for day now.
The flight hewre was totally awesome.
I was supposed to go on Air Asia X but we got upgraded to Air Mauritius.
And because we booked the extra large seats, wwe got to sit on the business class seats.
When i walked in it was like OMG!!!!
The seats were beautiful. I could stretch horizontally and still have space!
The chair could recline 180 degrees and it had this massage thingy built it!!
So awesome.
The tables were huge, the seats were huge. EVERYTHING WAS HUGE!
So we landed at 5.15 and Uncle K.H and Auntie Kim ppicked us up. From there we went to U.K.H's house,. had breakfast and we went to Frementle.
Bought loads of stuff there. Keychains, coffee, t-shirts, pencils, food.
Then we came back and mum cooked some steamed eggs and stuff.
The next day we went to Carousel (??) Shopping Centre. Mum had to do some banking stuff.
So my siblings and i hung put at this art store called Riot!
That shop had everything. Really really cool. And i bought loads of stickers, the alphabet ones, for 3.99 and below!
After that we went for lunch with U.K.H and U. Richard in the city. Ate Vietnamese food in Northbridge. Their noodles is world class. So gila delicious!
Then we went and jalan-jalan around the city. I think we spent most of our time in Myers looking and beds and stuff. The Mac here is really cheap. Actually most of their electrical items are cheap.
Wii is only 399!!
Dinner that day waas really good. My dad cooked. 15 years of living with him this would be the second time he cooked! Awesome.
On Tuesday, i moped around at U.K.H's house aith Auntie Jessie. :) Mum and dad went to look at houses and schools.
We had nasi lemak for lunch. Really really tasty!
At around 4 my parents came back. And guess whaty they bought!
They bought the Wii fitness, a Wii mat and an extra wii remote control!
FOR ONLY RM500!!!!!!!!!!
The stupid Wii machine thingy at home alone cost us 1000+.
What a rip off.
Anyways us siblings are gonna split the cost so it's 1oo per person. :)
And today i'm moping around once again. his time round alone with the siblings. Just us. Sam and Dan are at school.
All the adults are looking at houses i think.
And i get the comp to myself. No sharing with 9 other people. :p

P.s Sharing 1 bathroom with 10 people is hell. Gotta fight to bathe first but i have to say it is kinda fun.

P.s.s. The first two days were sooooooo hot. I think it was 39 degrees on Sunday.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stupid, inconsiderate twit.

I totally forgot about Niro's birthday!!
I'm a bad bad friend.
Someone kill me now!
Anyways Niro, Happy Belated Birthday!
And Lyn Happy Birthday in advanced in case i forget!
Actually happy birthday to Lyn, Tara, Mel, Mich Tesh and Ning!
Just a safety precaution!

Friday the 13th!

I'm gonna leave tomorrow.
So so long people.
Anyways, today as you know is Friday the 13th.
And we had a peka experiment today for Chemistry. Hilarious.
We were suppose to burn magnesium strips but that didn't turn out so well.
My experiment failed completely. For some reason it couldn't light up.
Apparently, according to my teacher, the past 2 groups who sat at my place failed the experiment too. Cursed?
Well halfway through the glass everything started going wrong.
Hilarious i tell u. Tesha cut her hand with the magnesium strip, loads of people broke the crucible.
The whole class was in a total mess.
And then we tried to skip Moral. Didn't work though but we did go in late! :)
Gtg so sayonara!

Thursday, March 5, 2009



We won.
Yellow house just created history. For the first time ever we won.
So here's the overview.
Cheerleading: 2nd :)
March pass: Don't know ( they were brilliant though. Go lions!)
Tent deco: 2nd :)
Cheer squad: Don't know again
and then there's all the track stuff.
Yellow house is awesome.

Congrats to everyone! :)
So today i left for school at 5.45. (Brutal i know.)
Dressed up the march passers.
Sports day kicked off at about 8.15.
And the weather today is pretty awesome.

Anyways it started off with the torch bearing ceremony thingy followed by march pass by scouts and prefects and then the march pass by the four houses. Blue was okay, green was also okay, red i have to say were quite good and yellow in my opinion was awesome. the lions were so adorable. but i guess red was better since they won. :(

Right after that was cheerleading and well i like yellow the most. I;m not being biased or anything but i feel that they totally rocked it! Blue won though. Blue was good. Very well organized and stuff but i like yellow better. :)

After that the judges went to the deco teams to judge. Yellow house had a mini performance in the tent. It starts out during night time then it changes to day. All the animals come out and interact. After that the mighty lion appears and everyone sings the circle of life. It's kinda like a mini Lion King show. The Lion King is awesome by the way!!

Next was the running events. Pretty awesome. We were all screaming our lungs out. Literally.
And in between there was tug-of-war. Blue vs. green. Yellow and red lost during the prelims.
Green won.

lastly was the prize-giving ceremony. The cheerleaders were crying when they got second. Cheer up guys! You did great! And then Rebecca got sportswoman for class 2. You go girl!
The March pass team were bummed out that they didn't win but u guys were great!! And deco team didn't win either. We got second but there's only one prize. Red won. Well congrats red. :)
Then then the moment we've all been waiting for. The champion house. YELLOW!! We were all so happy! Almost everyone was crying! Now the next challenge is to win Super champion house! That is sports day+swimming gala+patriotic run i think. So keep your fingers crossed!

Latest result.
Yellow house is still in first place, followed by green then red, then blue!
Tomorrow's sport's day and hopefully we'll win!!!
This whole week has been pretty dull. I spent the whole week in deco and tesha has been going for cheer and ning for shot putt practice.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Boredom is not my thing

I'm in the ICT lab again.

All my friend's have gone to the sports complex for a rehersal but me!

So i'm lonering;)


I shall now go find pictures of people i like. :0

Torres :)

That concludes my 'finding pics' session.

So long and have a good day! Bleh.