Monday, August 3, 2009

Kuala Selangor

So i went to Kuala Selangor last Wednesday and it was AMAZING,.
We started off by going to this place ( forgot the name)
and the guide showed us a few trees and stuff but the best part was when we got to plant mangrove trees.
We were each given a pair of PCK shoes
and we started planting.
Sadly, I didn't get to plant any.
I managed to stay alive in the beginning
but later on towards the inner part of the swamp, i began to sink.
My boot got stuck in the mud and the more i tried to free myself, the deeper i sank.
Ning and Tesh sunk too but Elyas managed to free Tesh.
Ning and i however were stuck throughout the whole activity.
Dickson and Wei Meng tried to help but yeah, we were still stuck.
Eventually the guide came and dug us out.
I lost a boot in the process and Eening lost both her boots and her converse socks.
So i walked back with only one boot.
Not a very comfortable experience.
After that we went to have lunch at this mamak stall.
Ate Maggi goreng.
Not bad, kinda tasty.
And then, we sat on this train like thingy and went up some bukit.
I forgot the name again. Sigh.
Anyways we went up there and fed monkeys!
They're greedy primates i tell you. GREEDY!
We then went to some museum and went to this place where the beheaded some poor girl
We could still see like remnants (??) of the blood. Just mini stains and stuff.
Dinner was next and we ate KFC. Tesh, Ning and i shared a bucket meal. ; )
And the last activity was the Firefly thing.
I sat on this malay sampan with Ning, Dickson and Wei Meng
and we basically bugged the pak cik who was rowing the sampan.
That was like the highlight of the trip.
And the pak cik was really nice. He gave us an extra long ride. :)
When we were done, we went back out to the bus to wait for everyone else and the guys were playing a fool.
Dickson being the smartest guy alive threw a bottle and it hit me smack in the head!
It was painful i tell ya. PAINFUL.
But there was no brain damage caused so all is good.
By the time we got back it was around 11.
So yeah, the next day, when everyone went to school, we all looked like dead people.
We were literally dragging our feet around.

Anyways, that's it about the K.S trip.

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