Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I have reached Perth and
it's freakin cold.
Haha. It's a change though.
Anyways i'll be back on Friday morning.
AT 6.
See ya guys then. :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Wang Wen Chien!

Today has been an eventful day so far.
This morning, during assembly, we had like special guests and all.
They were football coaches from the UK
and they were talking about football and all.
Really fun.
There's this kid who went over two years ago and enrolled for the course
and he's like back
and he's gonna attempt some guiness world record tonight!!
Gosh, i wanna go to UK.
But thet's like super unlikely.
Too bad.
Today was Wen Chien's birthday too.
We had like two cakes.
Sugar overdose man.
Haha, Tesh and Eening were going to puke. Like so mega jelak-ing.
Anyways, I;m in ICT now and not even half the day has passed yet so I'll update later.
Hopefully today will be interesting.
Oh and yesterday ,i made it for half an hour on the treadmill!
And amazing feat for a couch potato like me.
And HOTESHA. Fret not, for you are no party girl. :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Taman Negara.

I went to Taman Negara last Friday.
I dunno what possesed me to sign up for it but i have no regrets.
It was an experience of a lifetime.
Anyways, we left school at around 8.30 on Friday
and we stopped halfway at some petrol station to have breakfast.
I ate nasi lemak and it only cost me 3 ringgit.
We then continued our journey to Pahang and it took us around 3 hours alltogether.
Next was lunch and Ning, Han Jun and i at at this internet cafe place.
Then Casper, Eunice, Eric, Shen deng(??) came and joined us.
The food was allright.
I ate Tom Yam mee. ;)
AFter lunch, We got our luggage and went onto a boat that took us to Taman Negara.
IT was a 3 hour boat ride.
I was kinda lonering in the boat but Jia Shern sat next to me so it wasn't so bad.
He offered me one side of his ipod earpice thingy too. ;)
Yeah, so after a long gruesome ride, we finally reached Nusa Holiday Village and i have to say the accomodation kinda blows.
But i made do.
Anyways, I shared a room with 9 other people and a common bathroom that had 3 cubicles with 17 other people.
Oh, and the water was freaking cold.
It felt like i was showering with iced water!!
And the cubicle had no place to hang your clothes
And the whole bathroom only had ONE LIGHT.
The room also only had one light, but that was tolerable.
Sharing a room with 9 other people can be really fun.
We all slept on double decker beds and any slight movement made would prolly send the bed crashing down.
Well, we had dinner after that followed by our first activity in Taman Negara!!
Night Jungle walk!
Super fun.
We each had A torchlight cuz it was like pitch black.
The guide took us up and we saw like really cool insects and stuff.
There were male stick insects, female stick insects, mating stick insects, ginormous spiders, wasps , some weird looking insect and loads of other stuff.
I would post pics but i don't have a camera so i'll steal them from the others and post them up later.
We didn't go very far cuz of safety purposes. yeah we all wanted more, but too bad. :(
We didn't even get to see snakes!

Second day.
The first activity we did was to hike Bukit Warisan.
That was literally torture.
But it's a good kind of torture.
I started off fine but halfway through i wanted to drop dead.
I was so close to giving up.
It was the most tiring thing I had ever done. EVER.
But i met new friends, and they were really really nice.
They stayed back and helped me out. :)
Thay helped pull me up at really steep areas and they were really funny.
They started singing The Climb by Miley Cyrus and the lyrics were seriously appropiate.
That and a few other songs too.
So towards the peak we had to cross the mega steep area which then lead to a whole bunch of rocks.
That was scary.
If i had slipped i'd prolly be dead. -__-'
And yeah, the moment we all reached the peak......HANDPHONES.
Haha seriously, the first thing we all did was check for reception cuz the place we stayed in didn't have any.
So yeah there was reception and we all made calls to our parents.
Then we made our way down.
That was even scarier.
We were literally moving at snail pace.

I'm like seriously lazy to continue so i'm just gpnna sum it all up.
We basically went for the canopy walk after that and rapid shooting later on.
Best experience to date.
There was a vine there too so everyone was tarzan-ing.
The following day we all reached school around 5.15 ALIVE.
So yeah, that's basically it.

Kuala Selangor

So i went to Kuala Selangor last Wednesday and it was AMAZING,.
We started off by going to this place ( forgot the name)
and the guide showed us a few trees and stuff but the best part was when we got to plant mangrove trees.
We were each given a pair of PCK shoes
and we started planting.
Sadly, I didn't get to plant any.
I managed to stay alive in the beginning
but later on towards the inner part of the swamp, i began to sink.
My boot got stuck in the mud and the more i tried to free myself, the deeper i sank.
Ning and Tesh sunk too but Elyas managed to free Tesh.
Ning and i however were stuck throughout the whole activity.
Dickson and Wei Meng tried to help but yeah, we were still stuck.
Eventually the guide came and dug us out.
I lost a boot in the process and Eening lost both her boots and her converse socks.
So i walked back with only one boot.
Not a very comfortable experience.
After that we went to have lunch at this mamak stall.
Ate Maggi goreng.
Not bad, kinda tasty.
And then, we sat on this train like thingy and went up some bukit.
I forgot the name again. Sigh.
Anyways we went up there and fed monkeys!
They're greedy primates i tell you. GREEDY!
We then went to some museum and went to this place where the beheaded some poor girl
We could still see like remnants (??) of the blood. Just mini stains and stuff.
Dinner was next and we ate KFC. Tesh, Ning and i shared a bucket meal. ; )
And the last activity was the Firefly thing.
I sat on this malay sampan with Ning, Dickson and Wei Meng
and we basically bugged the pak cik who was rowing the sampan.
That was like the highlight of the trip.
And the pak cik was really nice. He gave us an extra long ride. :)
When we were done, we went back out to the bus to wait for everyone else and the guys were playing a fool.
Dickson being the smartest guy alive threw a bottle and it hit me smack in the head!
It was painful i tell ya. PAINFUL.
But there was no brain damage caused so all is good.
By the time we got back it was around 11.
So yeah, the next day, when everyone went to school, we all looked like dead people.
We were literally dragging our feet around.

Anyways, that's it about the K.S trip.

Monday, July 27, 2009


I;m gonna go to Kuala Selangor tomorrow.
Planting mangrove seed i think.
And looking at fireflies too!
Awesome-ness. :)
And on Friday it's TAMAN NEGARA!
Somehow i don't feel that excited.

I'm in ICT now.
The teacher is like this giant hawk making sure we do our work
But me being me, I managed to escape his evil glare of doom.
And here i am blogging!
Woot! Woot!

I got an Ipod nano and a new pair of Crocs.!!!!! :)
One from each uncle.
I now officially have an ipod and new shoes.
The only thing left would be mah laptop.
Woot WOoty!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm not normal.

Recently I've gone crazy.
I have been you-tubing like a crazy woman.
Have been doing it the whole weekend
Kim Hyun Joong is the funniest guy alive. :)
So i only have 2 more weeks to go b4 i leave for Taman Negara!
Walking to mah doom!
But i'm kinda excited as well. :)
Class test 3 has started and i haven't studied.
I'm Doomed.
But i have my korean shows to keep me happyy.
I'm insane.
I've gone korean crazy lately.
Really crazy.