Monday, July 27, 2009


I;m gonna go to Kuala Selangor tomorrow.
Planting mangrove seed i think.
And looking at fireflies too!
Awesome-ness. :)
And on Friday it's TAMAN NEGARA!
Somehow i don't feel that excited.

I'm in ICT now.
The teacher is like this giant hawk making sure we do our work
But me being me, I managed to escape his evil glare of doom.
And here i am blogging!
Woot! Woot!

I got an Ipod nano and a new pair of Crocs.!!!!! :)
One from each uncle.
I now officially have an ipod and new shoes.
The only thing left would be mah laptop.
Woot WOoty!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm not normal.

Recently I've gone crazy.
I have been you-tubing like a crazy woman.
Have been doing it the whole weekend
Kim Hyun Joong is the funniest guy alive. :)
So i only have 2 more weeks to go b4 i leave for Taman Negara!
Walking to mah doom!
But i'm kinda excited as well. :)
Class test 3 has started and i haven't studied.
I'm Doomed.
But i have my korean shows to keep me happyy.
I'm insane.
I've gone korean crazy lately.
Really crazy.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Hello! Once again i'm in the ict lab.
No clue as to how to use Microsoft Access.
So people it's gonna be Class test for the next two weeks and i have to cram everything we've learned so far into my tiny head by the end of the week.
And i'm gonna be going to Taman Negara on the 30th. : )
Wish me luck.
So, as of last Friday, I have officially finished Boys over flowers.
I absolutely love love love the show.
Best korean show ever. Hehe. I know i'm a sucker.
And Hyun Joong and Kim Bum are so cute!
U just wanna scream and die in their presence.

Today during English, I was reading this book Ning brought about sick people and their cravings for murder.
There's this one case that really bugged me.
This sick man goes around to gay bars.
Invites men over.
Drugs them.
Kills them.
THEN have sex with them.
Then chops them up.
Preserves the genetalia.
Keeps the head in his fridge.
Freeze the biceps for consumption.
Anyways i had to blog about this sicko.
People like him don't deserve to live.

Signing off,

Friday, July 10, 2009


I've been watching boys over flowers like crazy.
I absolutely love the show.
It makes me go crazy watching it. ;)
So anyways, I;m pretty pissed about the whole math and Science thing.
It is ridiculous to change it back to B.M. How can that possibly help us when we leave secondary school.
Well if the friggin goverment thinks that's best for the people than fine. Whatever.
Just watch our country fall to the pits.
So my fellow friends, we will have to work our butts off to make sure we can handle both languages.
We even made it to the New York Times. Way to go Malaysia. Way to go!
I've only got about 5 mins to post this before my mum catches me so tata.
I'll post as soon as possible.
Maybe tomorrow. Who knows?
BTW R.I.P M.J. ;)