Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's day

Today has been a really eventful day.

As you all know it's April fools day and someone in school did this really scary/cool thing!
They stuffed up a jacket and school pants with newspaper and threw the dummy down from the 3rd or 2nd floor. Not sure.
I'm pretty sure my heart stopped for a second.
The stupid dummy was lying flat down on the face!
The whole cafeteria was silent. All in a state of shock.
Then someone turned the dummy around and it said APRIL FOOL'S!
Scary but pretty damn good.
Then next was my classmate ANWAR.
During PE, he took my class monitor's table and carried it all the way up to the fourth floor and put it in front of the girl's toilet. Hilarious!
Even my BM teacher decided to prank us. She said she was gonna stop teaching our class and teach the form threes. Sigh.
We were literally being tricked for the 8 hours that we were in school.
Very very tiring.

Today, Mrs Chan came into our classroom as well and briefed us about the Archuleta thingy.
So some really smart fella's parent called in and complained about it. Said that it was completely pointless. IF YA DON'T WANNA TAKE PART THAN DON'T VOTE! Why make such a big deal out of it?
So anyways now the form fours and form fives are not in the competition. But if you wish to take part, u can and if he DOES come to our school, those who took part may go see him. :)
So people out there, start voting so Archuleta can come to our school :).
I'm actually a Cook fan, but i'll settle for Archuleta. :p

I know i said i'm not gonna blog till two weeks later but yeah, i couldn't resist.
I just had to blog bout today..
Stupid dummy, gave me a heart attack! But it was all good fun.
Anyways, gtg so tata!

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